Good morning everyone!

I rhought I would catch you up on what’s been happening in my world as of today, 09/23/2018.  I know it has been a long time since I have posted a blog post, and I apologize for that.  I have had a lot going on and I simply have not been able to carve out the time to write a blog post until this morning.

As most of you know, I live in North Carolina.  We were recently hit with Hurricane Florence, and it has been no picnic recovering from that.  We had a bunch of downed tree limbs, some big, some small.  We also had a BUNCH of rain and that backed our septic up, so much so that we will have to call someone to pump the tank.  Both myself and my husband, as well as my best friend are all sick with some crud, and we blame that on Florence too!  I hope that everyone else fared better than some of the other North Carolinian’s whose houses are still underwater and who lost everything for the 2nd time since 2016 with Hurricane Matthew.

As far as my work goes, I became a Pampered Chef consultant in March of 2018.  I finally love my job again. I left the medical transcription industry because I just didn’t like the direction it is headed in.  I had to get out of it.  Speaking of Pampered Chef, I will be posting some Pampered Chef blog posts.  I want to get the word out that I am a consultant.  I will be posting a few videos about some of our products, and if you are reading this and want to place an order, you can do so by going to I would welcome your business no matter how large or small your order might be.  Comment below if you would like to see a particular item demonstrated in video.  I will do my best to record same within a couple of days of receiving the request.

As for my knitting life, I have been working on the Drift cardigan, my third one, for my mom.  She wants hers in Charcoal Gray, so I have made all the pieces, and I just need to block it and sew it up before I finish it.  Oddly enough, I love the cardigan too, so I will probably be making my own Drift cardigan soon.  I think I will make mine in a purple or a denim blue color, maybe even cobalt blue since that is my favorite color.

We are going to the Netherlands in October, and I will need a project to work on while I am there.  I suspect it will be the Drift cardigan.  I have never made myself something like this.  I usually make myself socks, which I wear out because I wear them so often, even in the summer.  I need to have a LOT more pairs of socks so that I can stop wearing them out so quickly!  Does anyone else wear their socks out quickly, say within a year or 2 of making them?  I think it all depends on the yarn I am choosing because some of the pair of socks I have made have lasted 3-4 years, and they don’t even have a weak spot in them yet.  I used Opal yarn to make those socks, and I have another hank of that yarn in purple ready to go as soon as I finish this next pair for my best friend.  I am doing the Azurea pattern from one of the IW Knits Sockupied issues, and this pattern is for women who have chunky ankles and larger calves than most do.  Both of us have this issue, and I like the way that the socks fit me.  It is possible that this pattern will become my go-to pattern for the foot portion and I will change up the top of the leg portion based on what I see in my pattern books.

Well, it is time to go.  Until next time!