Please take a look at this site to see how many stitches any given cable can hold on the needles.  I can’t re-post the blog entry here because it is copyright protected.  I can, however, post the link to that page for my readers.  Here it is:

How many stitches will they hold?

I hope that the table in the above blog post will help someone when they are trying to figure out if their cable is long enough to hold those 300 stitches that you have to cast on to start that big project that you want to start!

Keep in mind though that the pattern you are thinking about may have increases in it, and if it does, then that means that your cable needs to hold more than the original cast on amount.  So be sure to read over the entire pattern and get the total stitch count before you start casting on so that you have a cable that is long enough to hold the stitches comfortably without having to crunch them up. Counting your stitches is easier when you can comfortably lay them out and count them.  When they are bunched up, you may miss a stitch or 2 and your count would then be off.

I hope you find this blog post informative and helpful.  I am happy to post the other blog post link because it has some useful information in it that my readers may find helpful on their own knitting journey.  After all, it is only sticks and string, (as my friend Connie says), but oh what beautiful things we can make with a little string and the right size needles.

Until next time,