Good morning everyone!

I hope your day is going well!  I am off today, so I am doing a blog entry first, and knitting on the 2 fronts after I finish this blog post. Here is the link to the pattern again if you are interested in making it yourself.

Drift pattern here








The above pictures aren’t the best, but you can see how far I have come with them.  I am about to start the armhole and neck edge, and that brings me to the double moss stitch portion of the pattern.  I have a friend who decided to initiate a self-proclaimed knit-a-long with me for this sweater, and she finished hers last week. The bad thing is that she started about 2 weeks after I did, and she is already done with her Drift cardigan.  I wish I could knit that fast!  She has helped me tremendously with this pattern, and even though she has been knitting far longer than I have, she said that this pattern called for an expert.  Berroco says it is in an intermediate pattern.  I don’t know about that.  It has been challenging for me to do, as it is only the third sweater that I have ever done in my years as a knitter (since Thanksgiving weekend in 2010), and I haven’t ever done one with this many different stitches in it.  I love to watch it come to life underneath my fingertips.  I have always knitted sweaters where I don’t have to finish them by sewing them together.  I have always added the fronts to the back and knit the sweater in 1 piece until I get to the part where I have to split the arms to do them separately.  That way I don’t have any seams to sew.  This one, however, has seams to knit together because I knit it all in pieces.  I will have to watch YouTube extensively to figure out how to do the mattress stitch and hope and pray it stays together. If you are reading this post, and you have any tips to share about getting the ends weaved in so that they don’t come back out, I would be most appreciative.

I was using Magic Loop to do both fronts at the same time.  I winded up having to split them off to 2 separate needles so that I could do them correctly.  Every time I put them on the same cable, they wind up getting messed up and I have to take one sweater front off of the combined needle and put it on its own separate needle.  So, I decided to keep them separate from here on out.  I will just do each row together with the other so that I don’t make one longer than the other.  I hope that they are easier to knit now.  Well, it is time for me to go now.  I have some knitting to do!  I need to get a lot done on the fronts today since I am off from work today.  Y’all have a great day and the rest of your week!

Until next time,