Good morning everybody!
Here is a picture of the sleeves for my Drift cardigan from Berroco. These sleeves seem to have taken me forever to finish! In reality, I have been working on 2 sleeves at the same time, and it has been all stockinette, which is very boring to me. I have been working on them since September 4, 2017, so let’s see.. 21 days today, 3 whole weeks!! I started the back of the cardigan on July 12, 2017, and finished that on September 04, 2017.  The back took me 7 weeks and 5 days to finish.  Once I bound that off and lovingly admired it from every angle, I immediately started on the sleeves.  I am in the home stretch with them, having only 16 more rows before I bind them off to wait patiently with the back of the sweater until I do the 2 fronts at the same time! That will challenge me for sure!  So, I have been working on this sweater now for 10 weeks which equates to 2 months and 2 weeks.  I have to have it done by Christmas, and I am using every available moment to knit on it so that I get it done in time.  My only challenge will be figuring out how to sew all of the pieces together once I am finished with the fronts.  I know that putting the ribbing around the neck and down the fronts of the cardigan will bring it together somewhat, as will sewing the shoulders, but what I cannot figure out is how to do the mattress stitch so that it stays put once I weave the ends in.  Every time I have ever sewed something together that I knitted, (i.e., a shawl that has pockets, an afghan that needed the ends woven in, etc. ) the ends have always come out and they never stay where I put them according to the schematics of everything.  I have looked at countless YouTube videos on weaving in my ends, and I have tried to follow those directions in the aforementioned projects, but alas the ends seem to wiggle themselves out and comes undone every time.  I get so frustrated with that, and I definitely do NOT want this sweater coming apart once I have sewn that pieces together.  I have thought about using a sewing machine to close the sides and arms together, but sewing machine thread doesn’t give, so I think that might be a disaster waiting to happen if I try that.  Can you imagine having to rip the sewing out with a seam ripper without cutting your project?  I shudder at the thought of that!

Maybe I will look for someone locally that can show me how to do the mattress stitch and have it stay in place for the duration.  I am a visiospatial learner, and I learn things by watching and doing what the other person is doing.  Wish me luck finding such a person please!


Berroco’s Drift pattern here

I have to get back to knitting on the sleeves now.  I have come so far that I can’t stop now.  I am sure that knitter’s who read my blog will understand my sentiment.  Please feel free to comment if you are so inclined.  I thank you for every comment.  They mean a lot to me.

Until next time,