Good morning!

First, let me start this post with the link to this pattern for those interested in maybe doing it either with me now or later by yourself!

Drift pattern here

Now, let me say that this pattern requires all of your attention but it does become repetitive so you can get in a groove and keep going. I memorized the pattern stitch by the 4th time I went through all 4 rows of it and after that it was a breeze to keep knitting without having to look at the instructions. The good thing about memorization is that you know when you make a mistake. Your hands can tell because you get out of that groove you were in just a few minutes ago! The bad thing is that you will make mistakes and either wind up tinking back, ripping out, or fixing a dropped stitch. Ask me how I know!! I am using lifelines religiously, running them every time the pattern changes dramatically.

This morning I am starting the top part of the back of the cardigan where the sleeves and armholes will eventually be.

While I was working on the bottom part, I realized that I was going to make it longer than 15 inches from the beginning because I hadn’t finished all of the increases to get back up to 106 stitches. So I kept going until I increased back up to 106 stitches and added 2 inches without blocking it to see exactly how long it will be. I imagine when I finish the back, I will be washing it and putting it on my blocking mat and pinning it to follow the schematics, and letting it air dry for a few days. Here’s the link to my blocking mat if you are interested.

Blocking mat here

That’s when I will know the true length of it. I am guessing that it may turn out to be 17-1/2 to 18 inches long. She’s going to be tall so that length will work as she grows up into a beautiful young lady. If she continues with her gymnastics this cardigan may fit her well into her adult hood, which would be really cool!

This is Katie showing her ending pose after she does whatever routine she is going to do. Isn’t she just the cutest gymnast? I will admit that I am biased, just a wee bit! I just love my niece and nephew! I’m so proud of both of them that I could just burst!

Anyway, back to this cardigan. I am doing a double moss stitch right between decreases every right side row 7 times. The thing is the moss stitch pattern tells me that it should be a purl 2 stitches then *k2, p2* across. Well when you k1, K2tog, you throw the stitch pattern off by one stitch. Is it supposed to do that? I am very worried that I’ve done something wrong but if I have I can’t figure out what it is right now. I have ran a lifeline before I started the decreases just in case I have to rip it back to the start of the decreases again. It won’t go further than that because I have another lifeline ran at the beginning of the garter stitch rows that separates the top from the bottom. Everything below that lifeline is perfect without any mistakes, and I intend for the top to be that way too.

Here’s a picture of where I am at right now.

The cardigan has gotten so long that I can’t seem to take a good picture of my project so far. I just took these pictures of the double moss stitch pattern as I have done it.

Does it look right to you? This is my first experience with a sweater with so many different stitches in it. I haven’t ever done the moss stitch before so I don’t know if I am doing it correctly! Please give your feedback below if you managed to get this far in my blog post. I thank you in advance for your help! Well, it’s time for me to go. It’s 6 a.m. on the East Coast, and my darling man will be up soon. Y’all have a wonderful day!

Until next time,