Okay, so I decided that I wanted to knit a pair of socks 2@AT on one 47 inch size 0 needles. I remembered that I had some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock that looked like this:




I had no idea that the yarn would be self-striping like this. The 1st picture is the back of the sock. The 3rd picture is the instep with the lace pattern started. It just wasn’t speaking to me. I thought they were vying for attention (meaning the yarn and the pattern together). So I decided to do a reactive lifeline and I put a size 000 needle under the right leg all the way across my work. Then I pulled my needles out and started frogging. When it got down to the needles that I put in there I was SO excited because the reactive lifeline worked! See the first picture above. My excitement quickly turned to frustration because the yarn ends were on the opposite end of each other and there wasn’t anything I could do to get the yarn flowing in the same direction. Just so you know, I was doing 2@AT Magic Loop, and I couldn’t get the socks to line up with the yarn coming off the front needle!

So, I frogged it all and I have since put the yarn in time-out. I will have to wait until I want to do a totally boring pair of stockinette socks that are self-striping. This morning I went to my stash and found another Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in a solid color this time. See the 2nd picture above for a picture of the yarn that I chose for the butterfly socks above. It is the first picture. The pattern was written by Wendy Johnson of the Wendy Knits blog. I think my new yarn will make the pattern pop. What do you think?

Lastly, my niece, Katie, helped me pick this pattern out. She is 8 years old, and she loves pink in any shade! She also loves to watch the butterflies. As a nod to her, I will name these socks my Katie’s butterfly socks! I think it is a very fitting name!

Until next time,