The footie length socks that I made recently are just not working for me. They come off of my foot when I am walking down the hall! I can’t have that, so I am going to take out the bind off row and put them back on the needles to put more ribbing and hopefully tighten them up a little bit. I think I could do a K2tog or an SSK several times to bring the socks in a little bit to make them fit better. The foot itself is great. It fits my foot wonderfully. My problem is only with the leg. I should have knitted at least an inch above the foot before I started the leg and I didn’t do that. So this time when it goes on my needles, I will make it long enough to accommodate all of this. I am going to run an afterthought lifeline before I try to take out the bind off row. I think that will make it easier for me to pick up stitches and get it back on my needles. I will keep ya’ll posted about how they come along. Here is the sock that I am talking about. Can you see how loose the top is? I think I will be able to reduce the amount of stitches up there by 3 or 4 stitches and they will fit more snugly. I welcome anyone’s ideas to do this!











Until next time, have a great week everyone!