Good Morning Readers!

I know it has been a really long time since I posted anything new, and I apologize for that. Life has thrown me some rough curve balls lately, and I am just trying to tread water here, you know keep my head above water to keep from drowning in it. However, I have been knitting as a stress reducer, and I have been working on a new pair of socks. I call them my Rainbow socks, and you will be able to see why when you look at the pictures below. The yarn was hand dyed by a friend of mine in New York, and she dyed the yarn to loosely match Rainbow Dash of the My Little Pony cartoon series. She has 2 small children, and I think they were her inspiration for this yarn. It is a self-striping yarn, and I really like how it is knitting up.

As I type this blog post, I am listening to the latest Adele CD titled 25 in iTunes. I am still sitting on the fence as to whether I like this album or not. I have listened to it multiple times, and it is growing on me, but it is not as good as her 21 album. Maybe it will get that way before she cuts her next album. Perhaps with more airplay on the radio stations across the world. I actually have several CDs loaded into my iTunes this morning, and I have, since starting to type this blog post, listened to Adele, Seal, and now Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable CD. I have several other CDs loaded, but I won’t get to them before I end this blog post. It is really soothing to listen to music and type a blog post, did ya know?

Anyway, on to my socks because that is why I am writing this post after all. I am knitting them 2@AT (2 at a time), toe up, and I am knitting just plain stockinette because of the self-striping aspect of the yarn. If I were to put a pattern in there it would get lost in the self-striping, so I just made them plain stockinette. I am at the part where I do the inch or 2 of ribbing before I bind them off. Speaking of binding off, here is a web site that offers several different types of stretchy bind offs for those that are looking for same.

It is a really neat way to compare how stretchy a particular bind off will be because the web site owner took pictures so that one could make a visual comparison without having to swatch them all to see for themselves. As for my choice, I was seriously considering doing the Elizabeth Zimmerman Sewn Bind Off for this pair of socks instead of Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. It is particularly tedious to me, so I decided to see what other options I have for these toe up socks. I have been advised to watch how tightly I sew the bind off if I choose to use EZ’s bind off, and now I am wondering if I should use it or not. I like the Lacey bind off as well. That looks like it is quite stretchy too. **Sigh** I just don’t know which one I will use. I don’t want to have to take a bind off out and redo it. I am not a fan of redoing anything, and this tends to be my decision maker.. What is the chance that I might have to take the bind off out and redo it? I know that shouldn’t be what motivates me to use one particular bind off over another, but it does. What bind off do you use for toe up socks, dear readers?

Did I mention how much of a pain it is to download pictures from my iPhone to my blog? There has to be an easier way to do this! I guess I should just take a picture with my regular camera and upload it from there.

These have been fun to knit. I really like the way that they have knitted up. I like the colors and how they are presenting as well. The colors just blend together seamlessly. I think I will do more self-striping socks in the future. Although, I will find different colorways to do it with because I don’t think I need another pair of Rainbow socks. Unless I wear a hole in them like I did my last pair of Rainbow socks that I paid someone to make for me. I won’t use Wisdom Poem colorway ever. The socks had holes in them before they were 3 months old even though the woman that made them claimed that the yarn had nylon in it, I seriously doubt that was the case. I have other socks with nylon in them that are still going strong with no holes. I bought 2 pairs from this same woman and both pairs wore holes in them inside of 3 months. I was not a happy camper, especially considering the price that I paid for them. I won’t mention that price here because I feel so stupid for doing it when I could have learned how to make my own socks for just as much or less depending on the cost of the yarn that I purchased. I need a workhorse of a yarn for my socks. My foot strike path appears to wear holes on the ball of my foot right under my big toe, and right at the beginning of my heels. When I went to the Good Feet store and they did a strike path analysis on my feet, I could see why my socks wear the way that they do because that is where I put most of my weight when I walk. I purchased a pair of custom orthotics to put in my shoes, and my strike path changed to all over my foot instead of just right where I said above. The only problem with the orthotics is that I can’t put them in my clogs, so I have to be mindful of when I wear my socks and with what pair of shoes I have on at the time.

I managed to get the above pictures saved from Facebook. So, I am a bit further down the proverbial road than these pictures depict.  I took fresh pictures with my iPhone just now and they are not showing up on my phone. Grrrrrrr.. I have taken the pictures twice now, and neither set is showing up in my pictures on my phone. I have powered my phone off and back on to see if they show up and as of yet they haven’t shown up. I will work on getting my other pictures to show up in my phone so that I can post them here.

I have completed the heels, and I have knitted another 1-1/2 inches above the heel turn before I started the ribbing. I don’t care for my socks to be very long. One reason is I get bored just knitting round and round but the biggest reason is that I have thick ankles and if I make my socks to fit my ankles they fall down when I have them on so that they turn out to be anklets or footie length anyway. So I just make them that length to begin with. They are more comfortable for me to wear when they are that length as well. I will post again when I am done with them so that you can see them in all their glory. They really are pretty if I must say so myself. I like them a lot! Here are the pictures! I finally figured out how to post them here!

Until next time, have a great week everyone!