This is a great blog post about fitting yourself for a bra!

Glenna Knits

Springtime is one of those occasions when we make a broad (if sometimes gradual – hello sub-freezing weather forecast this weekend) transition from one set of clothing to a different set. Such occasions are good excuses to take at least a passing glance at that other part of your wardrobe that you wear literally everyday. Friends, if you are a person who wears a bra on a daily basis, let me encourage you to check up on your bras. Not just the condition they are in (they DO need to function as support garments, after all), but if they are in fact the size you need to be wearing.

(If you’re not a person who wears a bra, then by all means feel free to gleefully skip this post and I’ll be back next time with more project chatter. Please enjoy this procrastination moment on me!)

There are a lot…

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