My latest project is a scarf! I haven’t made a scarf in a long time, mainly because they bore me to tears. In this case, I am making another scarf to match the first one that I made for my former supervisor, Dina. She is married, so I thought it only fitting that I make her partner a scarf that matched hers in every way except color. The first one I made was a periwinkle color, and this one is a beautiful emerald green color. I think the emerald green would go well with Dina’s coloring but it will be totally up to her which one she chooses. Even though I have not seen a picture to know what color would go best with each person, I am sending both to Dina and she can decide which one she wants to use. She gets first dibs.. LOL.. I hope that she likes them as much as I liked doing them for her. I made her first grandchild a baby set when she was born 2 years ago now and Dina just had a fit over it. I love knitting for people who appreciate the effort that it takes to knit anything for any specific person. Dina loved the baby set so much that I thought that she would enjoy having a scarf made for those brutal Chicago winters that they have there. I think she will enjoy using one or both of them.. 🙂 I can’t wait to finish this one and get them both in the mail to her. She is not expecting either one of them so they will be a total surprise for her! YAY!! Unless of course, she stumbles upon my blog.. Ooops! Here’s hoping that she doesn’t stumble upon my blog. She crochets so hopefully, she won’t be looking at knitting blogs.

I am using Brown Sheep’s Lanaloft in Emerald Green for the second scarf. I used Brown Sheep’s Lanaloft in Periwinkle for the 1st scarf. This yarn is a thick and thin yarn, meaning that in some places it is thick like roving and in others it is tightly wound and thin but strong. It is 100% wool that has been moth proofed, and I have never seen yarn that claims to be moth proofed before, have you? The thick and thin wool makes for an interesting texture in the scarf and it looks quite neat across the rows. I am doing the Easy Mistake Stitch scarf pattern by Purl Bee Soho. Here is the picture of what I have so far:

Greenscarf (1) Greenscarf (5)

The pictures do not do the color any justice. It is such a beautiful emerald green. The green looks like a true emerald ring that you would wear.  Anyway, you can find the pattern here:  Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf

It can be either a feminine scarf or a masculine scarf depending on how long you make it I think. This pattern calls for it to be 8 inches wide x 48 inches long, and given Dina’s height that would be perfect for her to be able to wrap it around her neck once or twice. I may make it longer just because. I guess it will depend on how bored I get with it by the time I reach 48 inches.. I will probably start a pair of socks or some other project to break the monotony of this scarf. (See below.) It took me a while to finish the first scarf because I put it away for a LONG time before I decided to get it back out again and finish it to get it off my needles. I recently finished an afghan for the same reason. They had both been on my needles for over a year, maybe even a year and a half, before I pulled them back out to finish them.  I finished the periwinkle scarf first because that was the closest to being finished, and then I pulled out the afghan to finish it. I finished that last week and posted about it here on my blog. I am seriously considering starting a new pattern, again by PurlBee Soho that is what I call a partial sweater. It has arms, back, and neck but nothing else and it looks like a sweater that you could tie around your neck, pairing it with a buttoned down shirt or another sweater. You have to see the picture to visualize what I am talking about. See it here and get your free pattern too!

Sweater Shawl pattern from PurlBee Soho

Here is 1 picture of the above pattern:


Isn’t that just the coolest thing you have ever seen? It is, IMHO, an ingenious idea! Seriously! The pattern looks like it will be challenging but not so hard that I cannot do it. I haven’t ever done a brioche stitch, so I will learn something new with this pattern as well. I think I could make it without too many problems. My bestie, Therese, tells me that it would be a perfect fit for her! Ya think? She doesn’t get too cold in the NC winters, at least not cold enough to warrant wearing a whole sweater, so she tells me that this would be perfect for her. We shall see if I attempt to make it for her. Time will tell. Of course if I am going to attempt it, I need to get cracking on it cause Christmas is coming up fast! I don’t know that I would get it made by Christmas. I would have to work on it  pretty much nonstop in order to complete it by then. I am such a slow knitter.

I also have to find the right yarn for it in my stash. THAT I think I can do just fine because my stash is huge! I will just have to take a lot of it out to see it all spread out and see what I have to work with. I have so much yarn that I don’t remember it all. Hence the spreading it out to look and see what I have. There really is no rhyme or reason to it, no organization. Just yarn put into those huge Space Saver bags and vacuumed down to remove all the air out so that I could stack the yarn on top of each other in my closet. When I open my closet the yarn comes tumbling out. I have gotten more yarn since I did the Space Saver bags about 2 years ago, and I need to put that yarn in a bag and condense it as well. I won 50 hanks of yarn and a Jordana Paige Quinn bag about a year and a half ago now, and that is sitting on top of all of my other yarn which makes it slide out onto my carpeted floor when I open the closet door. I need to figure out a new system of indexing it all so that I can know what I have at any given time. Any ideas from my reader’s? If so, please post them in the comments! Thank you so much!

Anyway, this is what I am working on and contemplating starting. What are you working on right now? What is in your to-be-completed pile and why haven’t you finished yours yet? I get bored with mine and put them in the pile, but I rarely put where I am when I do that, so I have to read my stitches to find out where to pick up and start again. Note to self: Start pinning a piece of paper to each incomplete project with the row number you are on and the stitch pattern you are using. Maybe you could even pin the actual pattern to the project so that you know where you are and what you are making! Keeping notes is essential if you put things in a to-finish pile!

Until next time, happy knitting!