I am in the home stretch of finishing this afghan for my step-mom, Rachael.  She asked me to make her an afghan and I agreed because it would make her happy and because I love her. It is the Cromwell Court afghan from the Lion Brand web site. I made changes to the colors that I used. I wasn’t a fan of a solid colored afghan. I have 4 colors in this afghan, which are charcoal grey heather, heather forest green, burgundy wine, and snowy white as the background color. I have 12 more 4-row repeats until I am done with this afghan. I will breathe a sigh of relief when I am done cause I want to be knitting socks but I am sticking to finishing this afghan before I reward myself with a new project that I am dying to sink my teeth into. Another pair of toe up socks that fit as nicely as my Azurea socks do. I can’t wait to cast on!! Socks excite me, can you tell? LOL! So do shawls if the pattern is challenging but not overly so. I love this one from Dee on Ravelry:

Elizabeth shawl

This is one beautiful shawl, but then all of Dee’s patterns are beautiful!! Go check her out! On that note, I am signing off for the night!! Good night everyone! Have a great weekend!