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Good Afternoon!

As my title suggests, this is part 2 of my adventure in knitting a patterned sock. This is the first time I have followed a pattern to make a pair of socks. The previous attempts at making socks were basic sock techniques that showed me how to make them. They didn’t fit like they should have. The instructions taught me top- down socks and toe-up socks. The socks that I called my Southwestern Socks were made with Liat Gat’s toe-up sock class using Magic Loop. Those socks grow on my feet. They fit a little loosely when I first put them on, but by the time that I have worn them for an hour or so, they have grown so big that they move around on my foot.  The heels do not sit on my ankles like they should  and I have decided that I will wear them until I wear holes in the heels and I will make some more that fit better. You know practice makes perfect, right?  If I keep doing socks eventually I will get them right and have a perfect pattern that works for me and that fits my foot correctly. That brings me to the socks that I have on my needles now, my Azurea socks.

For those of you that don’t know, these are toe-up socks that are designed for people who have ankles that are larger than the average ankle. I happen to have a fatter foot than most people due to having edema (swelling) in my feet and legs. That is one of the fit issues that I have. Not all sock patterns will work for me. I will most likely have to adapt any pattern that I try to do. Toe-up socks seem to fit my foot better than top-down socks do. Granted, I haven’t made a patterned top-down sock yet. I suppose I need to do that before I decide that top-down socks aren’t for me. I will have to give top-down a try with a real pattern first. I have heard many top-down enthusiasts say that they get a better fit with top-down sock patterns than toe-up socks. Right now, I am loving how this toe-up sock is fitting my foot. It is the perfect length, the heel turn was actually turned where my heel is instead of half way up my ankle!

I am using a 2.25 mm needle to make my socks. The needle itself says it is a size 1, but I think not. I think a size 1 is 2.5 mm. I switched to a 2.0 mm needle, US size 0, to make my toes and my heels so that I would have a nice fit there and the wear would be better. I am finding that I tend to wear out my socks on the toe portion and the heel part. I just realized that I wore a hole through the toe portion on a pair of socks that I had made for me from a seller on Etsy for Christmas! So, they lasted for about 5 months. I have to find a way to make socks that last longer than that! I am going to figure out a way to make a better fitting sock that doesn’t wear out so quickly. My commercially made socks have lasted me for years. Why don’t my handmade socks last longer? Am I wearing them too much? I am going to needle felt the hole in these socks and try to make them last longer.

Anyway, I digress. I am currently working on the leg for this sock. I am only making 1 at a time, so any mistakes that I made with this sock, I won’t make with the next one, right? Sure, Linda.. You will make other mistakes with the 2nd sock, LOLOL! I didn’t realize how much a difference of 0.25 mm in needle size would make either. The fit is tighter than my other socks. They fit without moving around on my foot, and I suppose that is the way that they are supposed to fit, right? The stacked tulip chart is making the socks look like they have cables in them, but it is just a series of SSK’s and K2tog stitch combinations made with strategically placed YO’s to create the tulip pattern. It really is pretty.

The yarn that I am using is MadelinTosh, Twist Light. I got it here:

I chose the colorway called Flashdance, which is a purple yarn and it is just beautiful! I love how the yarn feels in my hands. It is a little bit splitty, not much, just enough to be annoying. I can live with that though. This yarn is a new yarn for MadelineTosh because they have added nylon to it. It is 75% Merino and 25% nylon

MT-Twist-Lt-Flashdance-swp10911_image1__85837.1428065088.1280.1280Here is the picture of it from the SimplySockYarn web site. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I have not taken any pictures yet of my almost finished sock. I am waiting until I finish both of them before I post pics of either of them.

I have never purchased sock yarn at full price before! I usually get my yarn from companies that sell them at reduced prices, like Little Knits. Most of my stash came from there, my LYS when they were having a sale, eBay, Paradise Fibers when I got a huge discount for buying yarn from them, that kind of stuff. I paid full retail price for this yarn, and wearing socks made from it is going to feel really good! I certainly hope that is the case anyway.  I am gonna sign off for now. I will talk to you again real soon! Have a great Memorial Day holiday with lots of good food and friends gathering around to have fun together!

I am editing this post to add a picture of the first completed sock. I know that I said I was only going to post when they were both done, but I changed my mind. I decided that I wanted to post this first sock, unblocked. I will wash and block the sock and show what a difference it makes later this week. I still have to wash and block the sock plus allow for drying time before I can post those pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures!  The first one, on the left, is an up close look at the stacked tulip pattern with the lace. The second one, on the right, is the completed sock. Look for another post when I have washed, blocked, and dried this sock. I have started on the second sock this morning. It will be interesting to see how it changes from the first sock versus the second sock. I wonder if I will make the same mistakes that I made with this first one. I am guessing that I won’t, but I think I will probably make different mistakes. I can’t knit without making mistakes and I wind up frogging or tinking back to correct more mistakes than not. How many of my readers frog your project versus tinking back to the error to fix it so that you can keep going without having to frog the whole thing? I tend to put a lot of lifelines in, especially on a lace project, so that I if I do have to frog something, it is a minimal redo just back to the last lifeline so that I can continue on from there. It still hurts my heart to have to frog anything back to a lifeline or worse to frog the whole project and start completely over.

azureasockdonecloseup azureasockdone1

I am in LOVE with using my MadelineTosh Twist Light sock yarn seen here:

2015-05-01 11.57.42 It is a beautiful purple yarn with lots of different shades of purple interspersed all through the yarn. It is really soft and nice to knit with, too. I can’t wait to wear this pair of socks. 🙂

The pattern comes from the Sockupied Fall 2013 issue from Interweave Knits. There is an article in there about making socks to fit ample calves and ankles, which I have, and this pattern stems from that article. The lace portion will resemble a stacked tulip pattern, which I also love, and the back will be like that as well. I do have a concern about the pattern because it calls for a double YO to start the stacked tulip pattern on the chart. I don’t know how to do a YO one right behind the other without having a knit stitch to anchor the YO. I would think that will make the hole it creates quite large, but it doesn’t look large on the pictures. Here is a picture of the socks from the Interweave Store:


I can only point people to the Sockupied Fall 2013 issue if you want to get the pattern and read the article. Here is some of the information on the pattern itself:

“Knitters whose calves or ankles don’t fit into a standard sock size may have previously forgone the joys of sock knitting. With calves and ankles that can stretch to almost 150% of the resting circumferences, these socks give knitters with curvier legs a pattern that fits and looks great. A stacked flower pattern flows elegantly into the stretchy ribbed cuff.

Finished Size: 8 (8½, 9)” (20.5 [21.5, 23] cm) foot circumference, 9½ (10, 10½)” (24 [25.5, 26.5] cm) calf circumference and 9″ (23 cm) height from bottom of heel to top of cuff, and 9″ (23 cm) long from tip of toe (foot length is adjustable).
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy
Yarn Weight:
#1 – Super Fine
U.S. size 1 (2.5 mm)
Markers (m), tapestry needle
30 sts and 48 rounds = 4″ (10 cm) in St st
Originally Published:
Sockupied Fall 2013″


I am making the 8 inch size because when I knitted up my last pair of socks at 64 stitches, they came out loose fitting. These socks are a bit smaller at 60 stitches, so I will see if they fit better. These are toe-up socks by the way. I had a friend tell me to run a lifeline before I start the sizing so that I can rip it back to there if they don’t fit me, and I have ran lifelines on both sides of the sock now. I am going to make the 8 inch size and see if that fits my foot better than the 9 inch size did on my previous socks. I will keep ya’ll updated on how they turn out. I am excited to be doing my very first “patterned” sock, meaning that this is the first real pattern that I am following to make socks. All the other socks that I have made have been from patterns that are basic socks that just teach the techniques but really aren’t a pattern to follow so to speak. At least that is what the people who designed the patterns say. I thought that they were patterns until I started reading this pattern. I found out that those were actual basic sock patterns to teach me technique and that was it. 🙂

Now on to another subject entirely… What do you listen to when you knit? Are you a TV listener or an audiobook listener?  I listen to TV in the background when I am knitting whether I need to concentrate on the pattern or whether or not I am just mindlessly knitting a stockinette or garter stitch pattern. I listen to audiobooks occasionally, especially if my favorite authors have a new book out.. Kristin Hannah has a new book out called The Nightingale, which is really good. It is historical fiction, and I am listening to it on audiobook now, and so far it is very good. I am about 2/3 of the way through it. I just purchased 2 more books by my favorite authors, Lisa Scottoline and Nora Roberts. I hope those books are as good as Kristin Hannah’s has been. Lisa Scottoline’s book is a psychological thriller about OCD and being a sociopath.. **Evil grin** and Nora Roberts book is called “The Liar” and it is about finding out that your spouse isn’t who he said he was all of these years and when he dies you find out all of the lies that he has told you for the whole time you were married. These are the books that are interesting me at the moment. What books do you like to listen to? What TV shows do you like to repeatedly watch when you are knitting? Do you watch a show that you have seen 100 times so that you don’t have to have your eyes on the screen or do you watch a new show that you haven’t seen before?

Until next time,

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