I am working on socks again. I think that I am becoming a sock knitter! I like knitting socks because they are small projects that I can take with me everywhere I may have to wait for something, and they are also relatively quick projects so I get quick gratification when I finish a pair. They are also very time consuming in that they take so many stitches because of the tiny yarn that you have to use. I finally got the right needle size for the tiny yarn. I use a US size 1.5, 2.75 mm Addi Turbo fixed circular with a 47-inch cable, with Lang Jawoll Color Aktion yarn. I have the reinforcing thread to match this yarn. I didn’t use the reinforcing thread on my first sock. I plan to use it on the second sock to see how they wear. I have been told that the reinforcing thread makes the sock more durable. My gauge is 8-1/4 stitches per inch. I think the next pair I will use a US size 1 needle to get approximately 9 stitches per inch. I have been told that a gauge of 9 SPI will give me a very durable sock that will last and last. I am hoping that this pair of socks will last as well. They do fit my foot quite nicely but they don’t have that 10% negative ease that I have read about. They fit snugly but not really tight on my foot. I do wear compression hose every day to keep swelling out of my legs, ankles, and feet. The compression hose take up a good amount of room on my foot, and when I tried the sock on with the compression hose, it fit snugly. When I tried the sock on without the compression hose last night, it fit snug but not tight. I don’t know if the socks will stay put in my shoes or not. I guess I will find out when I get done.

At first, I was going to not worry about matching the 2 socks. I just wanted to knit 2 socks, ya know? But then as I was knitting the start of the second sock, I noticed that it didn’t start at the same place and the self-striping would be way off instead of just a little bit off. It started in the middle of the repeat and  I couldn’t stand the way that it was going to look, so I took it all out and wound the thread off the skein until I matched the beginning of the second sock so that it matched the first sock. I still think I wasted that yarn but others have said that it was okay to waste just that little bit. I matched the start of the second sock perfectly and the self-striping will be perfectly aligned with the first sock so that they match 100%. That makes me so happy! I want this pair of socks to be pretty, and I believe with the matching they will be. I am calling them my southwestern socks because of how the self-striping is working out. The colors are as close to southwestern colors as one can get. I am so excited to be almost finished with this pair of socks! I am at the point of starting to build the gusset. I am doing toe up socks, and the sock is almost to my instep. Maybe another 3 or 4 rows and it will be at the point where I start increasing to make the heel. See? Doesn’t that colorway have a southwestern feel to it? I think it does. It looks really good on my foot, too. J I will post again when I am done with the second sock and model them for the camera! I can’t wait to be able to wear a pair of socks that I made. Then I have to finish the first pair that I started making, the blue ones. I lost the second ball of yarn to finish the pair, but I have found it now so that I can finish that pair as well. Then I will have 2 pair of regular socks plus 2 pair of bed socks which are my ugly socks and my pretty in pink socks. I can’t believe that I have almost finished 2 more pairs of socks! Woo Hoo! It doesn’t take much to excite me you know? J Anyway, as I am going on and on about nothing really, I am going to close this entry. Until next time!

mysouthwesternsock IMG_0142[1] IMG_0141[1]