I did it! I made my first pair of toe-up socks by Liat Gatt’s Worsted Weight Toe-Up Sock pattern! I have to say that I am really pleased with how they turned out. I have them on sock blockers at the moment, and when I blocked them they smoothed themselves out and became something that I am very proud of.

Since these are worsted weight, they are fitting very nicely, if a little loosely. The heel lines up perfectly, everything turned out so nice on these! I think I am going to be a toe-up sock girl. I like knowing that when I get to the heel and turn that bad boy that it is only a short matter of time before I am binding off and wearing my socks. I have such a hard time doing a gusset on top-down socks that I don’t enjoy doing them, and I can’t have that!

I have cast on to do a gauge swatch for fingering weight socks, and I wonder if I will have to wait until I can get a size 2 47-inch fixed circular needle.

It amazes me, I have all of these needle sets in all different sizes, but I don’t have a size 2 in any of them. I do have size 2 in DPNs, but I am enjoying doing magic loop a lot so I need a needle that is a size 2 47-inch fixed circular to make the magic loop work.  Off to my LYS I will go if I can’t get gauge with what I have!

I have to get a gauge of 7 stitches per inch, and Liat says she got it with a size 2 needle. I have tried size 1, and I am trying size 3 now because size 1 gave me 9 SPI. I don’t know if size 3 will be too big to bring it down to 7 SPI. I guess I will see.

I am using some really interesting yarn that is self-striping. This is my first try with self-striping yarn for socks and it will be fun to see how the yarn works out to create the striping. At least this time, the colors match each other so far and I haven’t seen any really bad colors in this group of colors. I don’t know if this fingering weight yarn will net a sock that fits my foot. I am making the largest size that she has on the pattern, so I am hoping that it fits my foot once I get to going with it. I know that fingering weight yarn is tiny, tiny yarn, and it will take me a LOT longer to get 1 sock done than it does with worsted weight yarn. Wish me luck! I will be back with a picture of the sock in progress once I actually cast on for that sock after I get gauge.