Good Afternoon!

I think I might have several ideas from my friends from one of my knitting forums,  I asked the same question about being in a rut over there and several people answered my post with how they bust the boredom and how I can finish this shawl sooner rather than later!

One of the things someone said was to set a goal to get so many rows done each day, and I thought that might work because the repeat comes out to be 8 rows. I thought I could do 8 rows per day, but realistically I know I might get 4 done before I put it away for the day.

The next idea that someone wrote was to work on it for a set amount of time each day. Her suggestion was 20 minutes, and I think I can do that!  I often follow the Fly Lady’s advice of cleaning for 15 minutes at a stretch, so 20 minutes seems to be a stretch that I can do. It isn’t long and drawn out, and I can do anything else once I am done with the 20 minutes. I think I am going to try that first and see how it works.

Still another suggestion was to alternate between projects and change up the yarn that I use on each. She has 5 lace projects going, can you believe that?  She uses maybe mohair on one, lace weight on another, worsted on another. You get the picture, yes?  She says that helps her to break up the monotony of repetitious work, which is what knitting can be. She doesn’t like stockinette stitch, either!  I thought I was alone in that!  I think that stockinette and garter stitches are the most boring stitches in the whole knitting world, and I have the hardest time completing anything that has lots of either stitch in it. It is mindless knitting though, so sometimes it comes in handy. Sweaters are made out of stockinette mostly, so I have to push through that boredom if I want to do a sweater.

Most of the responses leaned towards alternating between projects, which I already do quite often. I use the PDF Expert app on my iPhone to keep up with the place I am at in each pattern because I can put little notes on each pattern. My friend, Cheryl, told me about that app and I have been using it ever since. It really helps me to keep up with where I am at on any pattern that I have in the app. It doesn’t help me with patterns that I don’t have in the app and can’t put in there, like the Hey Teach pattern that I have to finish once I am done with this shawl. That is a paper pattern that I have to keep up with, which is another problem that I have!  Keeping up with my paper patterns is such a chore!  I keep them with the pattern, but in this case I didn’t mark where I was on that sweater, so I only know that I have to start with the lace pattern for the top and that is it. I don’t remember if I did the set up row before I start the lace pattern or not. I can’t see it, so I think I didn’t do the set up row. If I did, what is it going to look like if I do it twice?  I should  have written where I was at when I threw it in the corner! ::Groaning over here::

Anyway, I think I have a track to run on to get out of my rut. I think I can do anything for 20 minutes at a stretch, and even though that isn’t a lot of time to work on this shawl, it will get several rows done in a day, and eventually I will get to the point where I can bind it off and be done with it. I really appreciate all the help that everyone gave me to help get me out of this rut!  Thank you so much!

Until next time have a great day!