I am in a rut now knitting wise. I want to start a new project, but I feel compelled to finish the projects on my needles first. I know that a lot of knitters feel this way at least once in their knitting, but I don’t know how they handle it. Some of my knitting friends say to start a pair of socks to break up the monotony of working on the same project over and over, i.e. my MIL’s shawl. I have been working on this shawl for over a year, and I keep messing it up and having to take it out to start again at a lower point and redo everything again. I have had to do that 3 or 4 times now. I just don’t want to finish it, and I need to get over myself and finish this shawl! I know that this shawl will be beautiful when I am done with it, and now I am taking my time to do this shawl right this go round. As a result, I am working on it a few rows each day and I keep plugging along. I will get it finished!!

As for socks, I want to try toe up socks. I think that they might fit me better than the top down socks that I have made as some of my first socks. The heel doesn’t fit right on the top down socks. I am doing them with the Silver’s Sock Class web site but I have several other sites that show me how to knit socks too. I don’t know which one to choose. My knitting friends say just pick a pattern and go for it. I have so many sock patterns and they look SO hard. Yet, I know in the end it is just sticks and string like my friend says. If I mess up, I can take it out and re-purpose the yarn for something else. The only way that I will learn is to keep doing something over and over until I get better at it. Isn’t that the way that everyone learns how to do something?  What would my reader’s do? Any ideas?

As for the rut I mentioned above, how would my reader’s get out of that? I am open to any ideas that anyone might have. I hope to hear from someone soon!