I know it has been a long time since I last posted to this blog. I have been very busy working at a new job. One, unfortunately, that I could not keep in the end because of the 1-1/2 hour drive each way, as well as the content of the documentation that I was transcribing. It just became too much for me. So I left the hospital. I start a new job tomorrow, 08/06/13, and I am really excited!  I realized that I need to work from home for a myriad of reasons, but the most telling is that I need a very quiet environment to work. It seems that the older that I get, the more outside noise distracts me. I cannot work as efficiently or produce enough to make a decent paycheck if there is noise swirling around my head day in and day out. Thankfully, I won’t have that issue any longer, and I am super pumped to be working from home for a company that has a very good reputation for treating their employees like they matter and their opinions and skill set matters to the overall morale of the company itself. I won’t get on my soapbox about that today. That is for another blog and another time. This one is focusing on my knitting adventures.

I have started a new project, my very first afghan!


080514_1732_Longtimenos1.jpg 080514_1732_Longtimenos2.jpg


It is called the Cromwell Court Afghan, and it is found on the Lion Brand web site. Here is the link to it: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90331AD.html?noImages=

I am using acrylic yarn because it is going to be given to my stepmom, and she needs something that she can throw in the washer and dryer to keep clean with ease. The yarn that I am using is Vanna’s Choice, and I
have decided to use white, burgundy, and charcoal gray as the color way choices. I have a bit more done than the pictures above depict, and I am at the point where I am trying to decide if I want to make the center of
this afghan all one color or if I want to continue using all 3 colors. I am leaning very strongly towards doing it in all one color and making the ends like you see above with the 3 color choices. I am doing 5 repeats of
white, 3 repeats of burgundy, and 4 repeats of charcoal gray on the ends, and I have repeated that pattern 4 times to make a decent finished edging to the blanket itself. If I go with the solid color in the middle, I will
have to commit to that change because I won’t take it all out to re-do it if I don’t like what I have done. The piece is already big enough to weigh a good amount, so I have to decide to commit or to keep using the 3
colors like I have already done. If anyone has any opinions, please feel free to share them with me. I am really trying to use up my acrylic stash, and I have a good amount of all 3 of these colors. Your opinions would
be greatly appreciated.

The other project that I am working on is my mother-in-law’s shawl, the Rose Leaf Trellis Shawl. I have written about this shawl before, but for those who haven’t read my blog since the beginning, it is a paid pattern through
Ravelry, and it can be purchased here:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rose-leaf-trellis-shawl-wrap

I have been working on this shawl for a long time, but that is because I get bored with it and pick up something else to break the monotony up. Then I pick it back up again when I get tired of working on the other
project(s). However, now I am getting towards the end of it, and I have 11 more 8-row repeats to go before I am done. The project has been daunting but enjoyable, and I have made some serious mistakes that made it look really
horrendous. I have had to take it to my local yarn store, Yarn Tree Studio, in Raleigh, NC to get my favorite yarn guru to take it out below the mistake, put it back on the needles, and start again from that point. I have had
to do this twice now in the past few weeks. One time I worked short rows that should not have been in the shawl at all, and the other time I dropped several stitches and didn’t realize it until I was 12 rows above that and I
stuck my finger through the hole that I created with the dropped stitches. This shawl has lace work on both sides, so trying to pick up the stitches and fix the error wasn’t possible and I had to watch her rip out the 12 rows
plus another 8 rows to get under the dropped stitches so that I could start AGAIN!  Frustrating is what I called that, as anyone who knits would understand!! So, I am back to the spot where they took everything out, and I
have gotten back to the point where I am pulling the yarn out of the center again. I counted my repeats last night, and I have 45 repeats done, which means I have 9 more to go to reach the 54; however, I think I will do 11 more
repeats just to make sure it will be long enough. The pattern has 54 repeats, and row 1 is halfway through the motif, so I have to work 12 rows to see the full motif.

I have been told to multiply 30 x 12 divided by 8 to come up with how many repeats that I have left. Math is SO not my strong suit, but according to this math, I have done 45 of the 8-row repeats, which means
I have 9 more to go. However, the shawl just doesn’t look long enough to me. Here is the shawl as of today:

080514_1730_Longtimenos5.jpg 080514_1730_Longtimenos4.jpg 080514_1730_Longtimenos3.jpg


How long do you think it will stretch out once it is blocked? I just don’t think it will be long enough. Having said that, I have never blocked a full size shawl before. Any opinions?  I will be back on the blog once I have completed
this shawl. At the rate I am going, it won’t be too long. I am getting pumped to see it finished now!

Until then take care, and please give me your opinions!