Good Morning!

I wanted to take a few minutes and update my blog. I know it has been a long time, and if you are still with me I thank you. It has been a rough few months, getting over losing Chewi and trying to train the new pup. We both still miss her so very much, and I am not sure that will ever lessen. The puppy is very smart, but it is hard to remember that she is not Chewi, she is Sasha. She is all over the place, getting into everything, so I have to be diligent in keeping my shoes off the floor, making sure my knitting is out of her reach, making sure the door is bolted because she has gotten big enough to be able to open the door by herself if it is not dead bolted. She is a very smart puppy! Here she is at about 8 weeks old trying to carry a Frisbee in her mouth. J


Here she is about a week ago laying on my foot. J See how much she has grown? She is so big that I can’t crop the picture enough without cutting off one of her body parts in the picture! She is growing like a weed, too! Look at those feet!


When we went back to Sparta, NC to get her spayed on December 23, 2013, she weighed 25.6 pounds at 3 months and 18 days. Now she is up to approximately 30 pounds at 4 months and 7 days today! She has already wiggled her way into our hearts from the first night.
She is helping both of us heal from the pain of losing Chewi. I pray that she is around for a good long time. I do wish that Nikki would warm up to her. That has yet to happen. Here is a picture of our cat, Kiddle, checking her out when she first got here! She was about 8 weeks
old in this picture. Kiddle is about 4 years old here. She is a Russian Blue kitty that we rescued from Safe Haven for Cats. Isn’t she beautiful? You should see her chasing Sasha around the house, giving her a right hook to bring her in line. It is so funny! Sasha barks a lot at Kiddle,
as well as Nikki, so that can be a bit nerve wracking at times. When Kiddle gets tired of it though, she puts her in her place really quick!



So this is where Sasha is right now, and I will write a 2nd post to talk about knitting. Thanks for sticking with me! I really appreciate your patience!

Until next time,
Linda, the girl who knits and purls!