Where to begin? Most, if not all of it, has nothing to do with knitting, but I hope you all will indulge me please.

Three weeks ago tomorrow, we lost our beloved German Shepherd, Chewi. We lost her to gastric volvulus, which in layman’s terms means that her stomach flipped
on itself and cut off her blood supply to both her heart and the rest of her body. She died within hours of this happening. We have been very heart broken over our loss, and we are trying to get past it. It isn’t easy, as anyone with a pet can tell you. Just in case any of my readers have a large dog, let me tell you what my vet told me about how to avoid having this happen to your dog. If you have a large dog, something like a German Shepherd, Lab, Retriever, border collie, etc. Any dog that will grow to be over 50 pounds… Think about having this done when you spay or neuter them. I say then because they already have them on the table to spay them, and it is just a very simple fix to their stomach and causes no additional pain while they are healing from being spayed or neutered. Have your vet tack their stomach to their abdominal wall. This will prevent their stomach from flipping like Chewi’s did when they get older. Chewi was in a lot of pain according to our vet, and when we get our next puppy spayed in December, we will be doing this procedure to avoid this for her. I don’t think that I can go through this with another dog. I don’t know why it happens with the larger dogs and not the smaller ones either. The vet did a necropsy on her, which means that they determined the cause of death after she died. They told us it was gastric volvulus, and that Chewi was in a tremendous amount of pain. They told us that they could not have saved her without surgery to flip the stomach back, and even then there was a very good chance that she would not make it anyway. That is when she told me about the procedure above to prevent it from happening with the next GSD that we get. I will be doing that for sure.


Here is a picture of Chewi when she was a puppy. This was taken the night we brought her home from the rescue organization that we got her from:


She was 8 ½ years old when she died, and IMHO that was too soon. She still had a lot of life in her. She was just starting to get a tiny bit of gray in her muzzle. I will miss her for the rest of my life I believe. My husband, Arno, took her death extremely hard. I told him that we had to get another pup and sooner rather than later. I was surprised to hear him say okay to that. I thought he would not want that to happen for a good long time, and I wanted him to know that I wasn’t willing to wait a long time. It so happened that I was surfing around that same day and I saw that a shelter in Sparta, NC had just received a litter of German Shepherd mix dogs that were about 6 weeks old. I called the shelter to verify that they were still there, and we took off to Sparta the following Saturday. When we got there, they had 2 of the litter of 10 left. Both of them were little girls, and we decided to adopt both of them that day. We gave one of them to my friend, Therese, who had lost her GSD to hydrocephalus just a few weeks earlier. Here are the pictures of both of them. Our pup is named Sasha, and she is the first dog you see in the pictures. The 2nd picture is of both of them, with Sasha on the right and Cinda on the left.




Are they not the cutest pups you have ever seen? Yeah, I am a little bit biased over here. Sasha is very smart, and she is quite the loving little puppy. She has bought a lot of joy to our lives and started the healing process for us. Nikki, our Shih Tzu, is not a fan of hers yet. I believe that Nikki and Kiddle, our cat, are still grieving over the loss of Chewi. They both keep looking for her to show up around the corner or down the driveway. It is heart breaking to see Nikki go down the driveway looking for her friend only to find that her friend isn’t there.

The second thing that has happened in my life is that I got a new job! I am working for a company that makes me happy to go to work each day. I am working full time for the first time since 1998, and I am once again loving my career! YIPPEE!!

I hope that the feeling continues and that they don’t decide to sell to one of the multi-conglomerates that are gobbling up all of the smaller MTSOs in the nation as fast as they can manage to do it. I think that I will get out of the industry should that happen to this company. I am doing psychiatric transcription, and that is my passion. I love every single word that I type, and I love it every day. I have yet to get bored with working on these accounts. The work is fresh every time a new report comes on the screen. YES! I am a happy camper!

That is my news today. I will get back to writing about my knitting as soon as I can. I have a couple of projects in the works for Christmas presents, and I have to tell you about my new Jordana Paige bag that my husband bought me for our anniversary, too! It is a beautiful bag! Until then, take care and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! Happy Holidays to everyone!