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Good Morning!

I am working up my book review for Sock Innovation, by Cookie A. I took pics this morning of the sock patterns that you could knit in the book, leaving out any pattern instructions so that you have to buy the book if you want it.. 🙂 I thought that the patterns in the book don’t seem to be that complicated, even though they look very complicated with the cables, twisted stitches, and lacey socks patterns.  I am a very newbie sock knitter, but these patterns look as if I could do them without pulling my hair out or making me go completely gray while trying to do one of the patterns! The stitches are ones that I am familiar with, so I can figure it out.

From what I can tell so far, Cookie A really goes into the construction of a sock from the toes all the way up to the top of the sock. She shows you the different toe types you can knit. She shows you the basic stitch patterns, as well as the harder ones. She explains about the different yarns one can use to make socks, along with the needles needed to do the same. She speaks of the construction of the charted pattern versus the written one.

I found all of this just flipping through it this morning when I got up. I will post more about the book once I have a chance to get into the meat of it and read it through. I think that I will FINALLY be able to get the gusset and the heel and how to prevent that little hole between the 2 as she addresses that.

On a totally different subject…

I am now on to  figuring out how to do a proper YO when you are purling the stitch behind it. That is not addressed in this book review, but I need to learn how to do it. When I do a YO, it is normally on the right side of the work right before a knit stitch that normally follows the YO. Of course, when I purl back on the wrong side of the work the YO is purled to create a nice hole for my lace work.

This pattern, however, calls for YO on both sides of the work, and the YO before a purl stitch is stumping me. I am working on 198 Yards of Heaven, free on Ravelry, for my 5-year-old niece, Katie. You can find the pattern here:

She loves pretty, feminine things, you know. She loves pink, especially hot pink. This is a shawlette for adult women, but on her it will be a shawl for a long time before it becomes a shawlette or scarf she can wear when she grows up. I am hoping that she will grow to love wearing it as much as I loved making it for her. Anyway, if I am needing to make a YO on the knitted side of things, I simply bring my yarn forward as if I am going to purl and then I knit the next stitch, which puts the required YO right in line where it is supposed to be. With the next stitch being a purl, I can’t do a YO that way. Any ideas or links you could offer to explain this to me would be most appreciated!

Thank you for reading this post. A much longer one is to follow later in the week. Someone told me recently that she likes to read my blog because even though I write long posts they don’t bore her!  LOL!! She just doesn’t know.. LOLOL!!!  I am sure I will succeed in boring her to tears at least ONCE. 😉 Hey, Latasha!

Have a great day everyone!  I am off to work now, even though I would SO rather be knitting. 🙂


Good Morning!

It is 8:12 a.m. here in the gorgeous Georgia mountains! Oh! I forgot to mention that my husband, Arno, and my extended family have traveled from NC to Georgia for a week, didn’t I? We are staying in a gorgeous cabin in the woods in a little town called Elijay, Georgia. You should see this cabin. I don’t think that there are any adjectives that could describe it and do it justice. I will include the link to the cabin though, just so you can drool at the gorgeous cabin like we did when we rented it in April.

For some reason, I cannot get the page down to work so that I can post underneath the pictures below, so I will make my post here and then leave the pics at the bottom of the page.

I am also going to post pictures of how far along I am on the gift I am making for my MIL. She is so excited to see it done, but she told me last night to put it away for a while and work on something else because it would be a good long time before she came back to see us after she goes home to the Netherlands on September 24, 2013. I will really miss her when she goes. Sounds strange, I know. But I got lucky when I married my husband. Not only did I snag a wonderful guy who really loves me, I snagged a good family along with him as well! Lucky girl I am!

I will have to get pictures of all of the stuff that I made for her, Joram, and Wim before they leave.  I don’t think Joram, my BIL, was all that pleased about his scarf. Maybe he will see the need when it gets cold as a witch’s tit in the winter. 🙂 Who knows? I know that Wim, my FIL, loved his scarf that I made for him. I spoke about the cabled scarf on my blog when I first started making it, I think that was in January maybe? God, my memory isn’t doing too well this morning!

Anyway, I am going to step away from this post to take current pictures of the shawl in progress! Feel free to comment while you wait.. Talk amongst yourselves… LOLOL!

I am back! Let me see if I can get below the cabin pictures to post the shawl pictures. If not, I will post them here. 🙂  So I can’t get below the cabin pictures. Why did I even begin to think I could? I have already tried that! Duh!

When I look at the pictures I put up in April and compare them to today’s pictures, I have come a long way in getting this shawl done. Can you see the rose trellis in the pics that have light behind them? Even though this shawl has an 8-row repeat, it takes 12 rows before you see the trellis begin to take shape. When I was first starting this shawl, I could not see that trellis to save me, but I do see it now. It is so beautiful in real life. I can’t believe that MY hands are making something so beautiful! Grietje is so excited about it. She used to knit a long time ago, and when she knitted they didn’t have circular needles, either fixed or interchangeable. She stopped knitting because of the weight and taxation on her shoulders when she would get far into a pattern. She said she still has her straight needles, but she is loving the circular needles that I am using. She said it looked like it would take the weight off of her shoulders because then she could put it in her lap as she went along

When I asked her last year what she wanted me to make her, her first comment was “No socks!” Okay, so what do you want me to make for you? She said that she would like a shawl.. so that is how I came to be making this Rose Trellis Shawl for her. When she got here this past Tuesday, I asked her why she didn’t want socks.. LOL.. Who doesn’t want a handmade pair of socks? : ) She said that they were too thick and they were itchy! I showed her the shawl and told her that the yarn was sock yarn! She didn’t know that the yarn industry had evolved so much as to make sock yarn this beautiful and so thin.. YAY! I will be able to make her a pair of socks once I learn how to make them myself! I do have to get some measurements for her before she leaves.

Funny thing! She said that when she was knitting, she never would do what she thought of as “easy” patterns. She said that plain stockinette was boring to her, so she always picked complicated patterns to do. Ha! So do I! This pattern that I am doing is what I would call a bit difficult, but once I got into the rhythm of it, I think it is easier than I thought it would be. I am excited as well to see how it progresses along. I love the yarn that I am using, too. It is Claudia Handpainted yarn, and it is so beautiful!

I am off to get a pedicure right now! I got up early to write the 2 posts for today, and now that I have done that… I have a pedicure to enjoy! Oh, it has been so long.. I can’t wait!

Enjoy the pictures!

Talk to you sooner than I have lately!


Rose Trellis Shawl Pattern. Buy it on Ravelry!

Rose Trellis Shawl Pattern. Buy it on Ravelry!

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First, I want to apologize to any of my readers who have been checking my blog only to find nothing new in terms of updates or posting. I have been out of commission for a while now. When I was able to function, I had to work, and life just generally got in the way. I wasn’t able to knit for a little over 5 months, and I have only started to pick my MIL’s shawl back up in the last week or 2. Even then, I wasn’t able to do a whole lot on it. I certainly have not met my goal of one complete 8-row repeat each day. Obviously, it wasn’t finished by the time she got here. I am very disappointed in myself about that. **Sigh** However, I also know that I am my own worst critic, so I should probably give myself a break and realize that when one has tendinitis AND one has surgery within weeks of each other, one is usually out of commission for a good long time.

The surgery that I had was called the BPD/DS or biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch. Those are a lot of scary words to say weight loss surgery, wouldn’t you say? It is and was a major surgery. I was in the hospital for 5 or 6 days, I cannot remember for sure. I slept almost all of that time, and even though I took my little shawl project with me to work on.. that was a joke for sure! I was so wasted on pain medications that when I tried to do just 1 row of the shawl, I messed it up so badly that I had to rip back to my lifeline. So, that went into the project bag which then went into my duffle bag to go home and be picked up at a later time. You don’t have to tell me twice. I made a note to self that day. I told myself that I can’t knit when I am high as a kite with watery eyes and an unfocused mind. I just thought I could. Luckily, I had just put the lifeline in right before I went into surgery, (I was in the waiting room waiting to be called back for preoperative workup,)

Anyway, I had my surgery on May 7, 2013. When I went in for the surgery, my recorded weight before surgery was 399.8 lbs .  To date, I am down 89 pounds, WOO HOO!  If you are interested in weight loss surgery, then you can go to this web site to learn more about the surgery and if you are interested in reading more about my history, then you can click on the 2nd link. I won’t use this blog to discuss this type of thing. It has nothing to do with knitting. However, I will say that you can write to me using the comment form below, and I will try to help you or answer your questions if you wish.  You will have to remove my name from the comment boxes and put your info in instead. That said, here are the 2 links..

This is me, several years ago, at one of the highest weights I have ever been. I think I was about 425 in this picture. I can’t remember for sure though.



I think I am going to end this post and start another one that has to do with knitting! This one got off on a different tangent, and it seems odd to go on with  the post talking about knitting now. 🙂

See you in a bit!

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