Has anyone seen the latest edition of the Knit Simple Holiday 2012 magazine? I actually have 2 copies of it because I bought one in my LYS after I saw 1 of the patterns that I just had to make, and then I purchased a subscription to the magazine and I got another copy of it. I was hoping to get the subscription started in January of 2013. I will probably give the 2nd copy away or sell it to someone.

Anyway.. this magazine has to be one of the best holiday magazines for knitting projects that I have seen in the last 2 years since I started knitting. I say that because out of all of the holiday magazines that I buy each year, along with all of the magazines that I subscribe to on a yearly basis, MOST of them might, if I push it really hard, have ONE pattern in it that I want to either learn how to do or want to make for someone.

This magazine has about 7 or 8 projects (maybe more!) that I can see myself making for several different people in the next year. Of course, I couldn’t make them all before Christmas, but I can see myself making several of the projects for people throughout the next year. Some of them are quite complicated, I think. I say that because there are several stitch patterns that I don’t know how to do yet, which would mean a challenge for me.. and that is probably why I am attracted to them, because of the challenge. 

Here is the link to the pictures of the patterns on Ravelry:

I am including 3 of the 7 or 8 projects that I just love in the pictures below. 









There are several more than I just love as well, like the patterns numbered 1, Cable pullover, #4 Cabled scarf, #13 Arm warmers, #16 Girl’s dress coat, #31 textured pillows, #36 Men’s textured cardigan, #38 Notion bags, #40 Lace mitts, and #45 Sleeveless top.

I just haven’t ever seen a magazine that had this many patterns in it that I could see myself attempting no matter how difficult! Have you seen one this chock full of projects that you just love? If so, please tell me what magazine it is s!o that I can go take a good look as well! Hope you enjoy the magazine as much as I have already and as much as I will enjoy casting on for some of these projects in the next year or so!