Since today I am writing about shawls.. LOL.. Check these out!

Next year is the year of shawls for me. I will be making shawls for people that I love and care about. I decided this about a month ago, and I am now combing Ravelry to see what patterns I have purchased. I think that I have enough to do some really gorgeous shawls justice.

I love Dee’s designs on Ravelry, like this one:

I think I will make this one for my mom, in midnight blue or white.

I love that one so much, I just had to add it to my library. I looked at it, dreamt about it, and decided after many trips to gaze lovingly at it that I must have the pattern.

This Rose Trellis Shawl here:

I am going to make for my MIL so that it will be ready when she visits next September. Her favorite color is purple, and I have some beautiful handpainted lace yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts just waiting for my needles. I even purchased Signature circular needles to do these shawls!

Are you familiar with Tanis Fiber Arts? She is out of Canada, and she makes some gorgeous yarn!

Have you heard about Signature needles? They have stiletto tips, middy tips, and blunt tips. All of the Signature needles that I have were made with the stiletto tips. They are PURRFECT for doing the stitches involved with lace knitting.

Check them out here:

Anyway, I want to take the pattern below and increase it across to make a shawl for a friend of mine:

Lastly, this one is just gorgeous!

I hope one or more of these make you go OMG! I have to make that!:)