I just wanted to post a really quick update to my newbie adventures in knitting! I decided to become an affiliate with Interweave Knits today!  I got my approval from Interweave earlier today, and I am in the process of trying to figure out how to post a banner to my new blog so that anyone who wants to click through to order from Interweave will get a 15% discount off of their ENTIRE ORDER! What a concept that is! At least it is to me!


I love all things Interweave Knits, mainly because I learn SO much from watching KnittingDailyTV every Monday on PBS, and I also learn from the many, many magazines, blog posts, digital copies, DVDs, holiday posts, and Eunny Jang. Eunny Jang.. Wow! What can I say about her that probably hasn’t been said elsewhere?  Probably not a whole lot, but she is definitely my knitting heroine!  I love to watch any of the technique videos that she posts on KDTV.com or through the KnittingDaily Digest that I get each Saturday in my e-mail inbox.

Please keep checking back to see the banner that will hopefully be up on my blog soon to get the discount on your favorite Interweave craft books, etc. Keep in mind that Interweave also offers books on Spinning, Quilting, Beading, Crocheting, and Weaving. They have other interests as well, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to those right now, as my obsession is about knitting and yarn!  I hope this photo below is clickable. If not, then please copy and paste the link below into your favorite browser to get your discount!  


[URL]<IMG border=”0″   alt=”Interweave Store” src=”http://ad.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/show?id=v4uIEjSun8Q&bids=266289.8&subid=0&type=4&gridnum=16″>[/URL]