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Since today I am writing about shawls.. LOL.. Check these out!

Next year is the year of shawls for me. I will be making shawls for people that I love and care about. I decided this about a month ago, and I am now combing Ravelry to see what patterns I have purchased. I think that I have enough to do some really gorgeous shawls justice.

I love Dee’s designs on Ravelry, like this one:

I think I will make this one for my mom, in midnight blue or white.

I love that one so much, I just had to add it to my library. I looked at it, dreamt about it, and decided after many trips to gaze lovingly at it that I must have the pattern.

This Rose Trellis Shawl here:

I am going to make for my MIL so that it will be ready when she visits next September. Her favorite color is purple, and I have some beautiful handpainted lace yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts just waiting for my needles. I even purchased Signature circular needles to do these shawls!

Are you familiar with Tanis Fiber Arts? She is out of Canada, and she makes some gorgeous yarn!

Have you heard about Signature needles? They have stiletto tips, middy tips, and blunt tips. All of the Signature needles that I have were made with the stiletto tips. They are PURRFECT for doing the stitches involved with lace knitting.

Check them out here:

Anyway, I want to take the pattern below and increase it across to make a shawl for a friend of mine:

Lastly, this one is just gorgeous!

I hope one or more of these make you go OMG! I have to make that!:)


She has a lot of really good ideas for quick Christmas presents!

She has LINKS! to the Ravelry patterns! Woo Hoo!

What kind of craft books do you have and how often do you refer to them while you are knitting?

I am SO pumped!

I just wanted to post a really quick update to my newbie adventures in knitting! I decided to become an affiliate with Interweave Knits today!  I got my approval from Interweave earlier today, and I am in the process of trying to figure out how to post a banner to my new blog so that anyone who wants to click through to order from Interweave will get a 15% discount off of their ENTIRE ORDER! What a concept that is! At least it is to me!


I love all things Interweave Knits, mainly because I learn SO much from watching KnittingDailyTV every Monday on PBS, and I also learn from the many, many magazines, blog posts, digital copies, DVDs, holiday posts, and Eunny Jang. Eunny Jang.. Wow! What can I say about her that probably hasn’t been said elsewhere?  Probably not a whole lot, but she is definitely my knitting heroine!  I love to watch any of the technique videos that she posts on or through the KnittingDaily Digest that I get each Saturday in my e-mail inbox.

Please keep checking back to see the banner that will hopefully be up on my blog soon to get the discount on your favorite Interweave craft books, etc. Keep in mind that Interweave also offers books on Spinning, Quilting, Beading, Crocheting, and Weaving. They have other interests as well, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to those right now, as my obsession is about knitting and yarn!  I hope this photo below is clickable. If not, then please copy and paste the link below into your favorite browser to get your discount!  


[URL]<IMG border=”0″   alt=”Interweave Store” src=”″>[/URL]

For Sale, Brand New! Crocheting on the Edge, Nicki Epstein.

I am selling a brand new book today. I haven’t even cracked open the book because I don’t crochet.

I am asking $27 plus shipping. Please PM me with your interest and Paypal e-mail address. I will accept money orders as well.

Crocheting On the Edge: The Essential Collection of More Than 200 Decorative Borders By Nicky Epstein

Ribs & bobbles * ruffles * flora * fringes * points & scallops

Nicky Epstein, today’s foremost knitting designer, now gives crocheters the tools for adding fantastic embellishments to their projects. An addition to Nicky’s fabulously successful Knitting On, Over and Beyond the Edge series, Crocheting on the Edge provides approximately 200 edgings and seven fabulous projects, including a blanket, a jacket, a shoulderette, and a poncho. 

Detailed instructions, gorgeous photographs, and stitch charts for every edging ensure that everyone will be able to crochet on the edge!

Hardcover • 200 pages

Crocheting on the Edge Cover

My current project, part 2


Okay, so I have knitted up 1 hank of the Oceanic Mix on size 13 needles. It is very airy, quite nice openwork if I must say so myself. When you hold the worked piece up to light, you can see flecks of green, blue, yellow, and black in it. The yarn really is quite beautiful.

See picture here from 



The picture may come across as a bit dark, and while the turquoise base can be dark, this yarn doesn’t look that way when it is worked up.

My dilemma is this. I want to add another colorway to this work because of the green and yellow in the flecks of the base colorway that I mentioned above. My mom, who is an artist of sorts, told me yesterday that the 2 colors don’t play nice with each other. Granted, she was in a state of medication haze because she recently had surgery. Perhaps she wasn’t thinking or seeing very clearly. So, I come to ya’ll to give me your feedback on this. Look at the 2 swatches below:


What do you think about the two being put together in this type of openwork shawl or wrap?  I don’t want to use a whole hank in 1 spot that would effect a striping pattern. I was thinking about picking up stitches around the edge or just the top and bottom edges of it when I am done, and perhaps doing some sort of stitch pattern that is done on a smaller size needle but still a needle size or 2 up from the size 8 that the label calls for. What I don’t know is if going down 3 sizes from what I am using now will cause the shawl/wrap to pucker or not. I think that the 2 colors work great together if the green is used in such a way so that the turquoise is not overpowered or something.

I am not even sure if what I am thinking about is even doable.. Any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might be able to offer. Thanks so much!  

Oh yes, by the way.. I wanted to take a moment and mention that there is a great knitting and crocheting forum that I participate in called Knitting Paradise. You can find it here: 

This forum is really cool in that there are all kinds of knitter’s from all levels here. You can do so many things there, from getting your questions answered to posting your work to talking about things that are on your mind to selling your stash should you find the need to so that. I hope to see you there!  


Have a favorite pesto sauce that you love to make? Please share it with me!

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