Good Afternoon!

I am currently attempting to make an openwork shawl pattern for my BFF. I am using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Oceanic Mix colorway, and I am using size 13 chunky needles from my interchangeable set. The cable is 24 inches.

I cast on 90 stitches, placing a marker between the 45th and the 46th stitches so that I won’t lose count.

Then I just knitted the first 2 rows to create a garter stitch edge. The rest of it has been done in stockinette.

So far, the result is a very big, very open stockinette stitch pattern that when blocked will open up as if it is a lace pattern.

I am sure to knit 1 stitch on each end every row because I am not sure that I won’t introduce a compatible color around the edges or that I won’t add an additional color in some sort of stripe pattern. I am totally flying blind and seeing where my mind takes me while I am knitting it. I will post the actual pattern for it once I am done and I post the pictures. I am thinking that 2 hanks of the Ultra Alpaca in this colorway will make the end result of a fairly long shawl of sorts. If I need to, I may add another hank to it to make it long enough to go around her shoulders with a little big of overhang.

I am thinking that I will add a matching 1-1/2 inch square button that matches the yarn perfectly, along with an I-cord to wrap around the button to hold it closed. That is still on the back burner of my mind though, and I am not entirely sure how I will decide to close it.

I will try to take a picture of it in progress in the next day or so to show everyone where I am at with it. I can’t believe how large it is with the needles that I am using!