Good Afternoon!

Today, I am going to review the Knitter’s Pride Cubics Interchangeable set. I purchased these from Handsome Fibers who is a seller on eBay. They have the whole line of the Knitter’s Pride needles, including the straights, Dreamz, Rosewood, and Tunisian Crochet Hook sets.

I purchased these because I had purchased 2 sets of the Cubics DPNs from my LYS, Yarn Tree Studio,

I loved the way the DPNs felt in my hands, and I also noticed that my hands didn’t cramp! So, off to the net I went in search of these beautiful, handy needles. 🙂

I checked in with my LYS to see if they could order a set directly, and they did not have the capability of ordering this set. They could order the other sets in the KP line, but I
already owned a full size set of KnitPicks Harmony needles. The cool thing about both of these sets of interchangeables is that they can be used with each other. The cables, the needle tips, the tightener, etc..can all be used in a mix and match fashion.

The DIFFERENCE in the 2 sets is that with the Cubics, I am able to buy 16-inch cables along with 4-inch needle tips, which make it easier to  knit socks and hats. Harmony needles are not yet available in this smaller size. The Cubics have a square shape, and they have very sharp points. I will upload a picture of my current project that I am doing with these needles in another post.

One of the downsides, for me at least, is that the shorter needle tips sizes start at 6 and go to 10 US. They are not yet available in the smaller sizes for socks, so that is something that Knitter’s Pride will hopefully work on. They do have fixed circulars with the smaller sock and hat sizes.

I am able to knit a garter stitch pattern very easily with these needles. The points slide in each stitch almost effortlessly, and really the only time I had to push was on my cast on row. That is probably because I cast on tightly so that I have a uniform bottom edge.

I am just starting my 3-year-old niece’s sweater for Christmas, and I have to say that although I am not a fan of garter stitch alone this sweater is starting to look very nice. I love the colorway that I chose for it. I got the pattern from Berroco and it was one of their free patterns called Sawtelle. They have it for an adult woman and a child/toddler. I decided that I wanted to make matching sweaters this year for them, so I will be doing a LOT of garter stitch before it is over. I plan to use the Cubics for Katie’s sweater and my Signature circulars for Stef’s sweater, only because the cable for her sweater is longer and it will support more stitches.

I believe the price points for the Cubic needles is very good. Not too expensive, not cheap either. Somewhere in between. That makes it easier for someone on a budget to afford 1 or 2 pairs at a time until they can get the whole set. The whole set is available from WEBS, as well.

As I mentioned above, I purchased my set from Handsome Fibers, a seller on eBay.

I have nothing but good things to say about this seller, and I shop often with them. I also love WEBS, and I suppose it would be safe to say that I have a few other favorite online retailers as well. I will be talking about them in the future. For now, I have to go to work..whether I want to or not. I have to earn money in order to support my latest obsession! I hope to hear from someone soon!