July 5, 2012 

Good evening everybody!

My goal is to write a new dedicated knitting adventures blog. I hope to have people who knit or crochet come on in, pull up a comfy virtual couch or chair, and visit with me a while.

My name is Linda, and I am a relative newbie to knitting. I have only been immersing myself into the craft in earnest for a little less than 2 years. I need all of the help and advice that the more seasoned crafty folks can offer.

My plans for this blog include posting my project pictures, both current and past, my thoughts on the various projects that I have done since I started knitting. I also plan to write my real thoughts, good and bad if necessary about yarn stores whether online or local, reviews of  general knitting products/gadgets if I own said gadget or product, knitting book and pattern reviews, as well as  other interesting things related to the craft. I hope to meet others through my new blog!  I look forward to writing this blog and reading what others have to share as well. 

I originally named the blog Girlwhoknitspassionately.

However, I decided that Girlwhoknitsandpurls would fit better for what I plan to do. I cannot figure out how to change the title, so unless your bookmark it, you may have search for it under the original name. 

Here is the link:


 I hope to read your comments on my blog, and I look forward to learning and sharing what I can with everyone as well.