Okay, I am going to be posting about my latest obsession, which is knitting. I have always loved sweaters in the NC winters. I usually buy myself 1 or 2 new ones every year.

My aunt decided that I needed to learn to knit, and she managed to get me to her house and seated long enough to realize that I knew how to cast on and knit and purl.. Apparently, someone in my youth showed me how, but it didn’t manage to keep my interest then.. So, technically I started knitting the weekend of Thanksgiving 2010. I have had the pleasure of knitting several small projects like scarves and hats. Once I finished my 1st project, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of knitting, picking the pattern out, the colorway, all of it. I just can’t knit fast enough. I do find that I get bored very easily with very simple projects. When that happens, they go on the unfinished project pile until I get the idea to pick them up again. I have a beautiful Koigu linen stitch scarf on that pile now, and while I love the colorways used in it, and I will love the finished project, I am not loving how it looks and I will probably wind up taking it all out and starting it over.

Koigu has really beautiful colorways that are hand dyed, fingering weights, and nothing short of gorgeous. When you look at a hank of it, you won’t be able to picture how it will knit up until you have done a swatch and see how pretty the colors play together.

As for me, I have taught myself everything that I know from YouTube videos, questioning the experts on my favorite knitting forums, (www.knittingparadise.com), Ravelry, my local yarn stores, etc. I think that every time I go into one of my local yarn shops I learn something from someone. I love it!

So, here are some thoughts on my very first sweater that I made last year.

Silly me, my first real project that wasn’t a scarf was a pattern called Hey Teach, and it can be found here:


This pattern has lace at the top, and I swear when I jump into a project I do it with all 4 extremities!

In my case, it took me from the end of May 2011 until November 14, 2011 to finish it. After I frogged it 9 times, I FINALLY got it right on try #10. Then I washed it. SO SILLY OF ME! All of the previous frogging expeditions were done because I didn’t do a decrease where I should have, or the lace pattern looked wonky. My biggest mistake was this one right here.. right in the middle of the back section, mind you, AFTER it was sewed together, where a yarn join was done…WAIT for it..the freakin’ join came undone in the washer.. Lo’ and behold.. a HUGE, HONKIN’ HOLE appeared! OMG! Nightmare on my street that sweater was. 

After I ran crying to my LYS for help and advice on how to correct it if it could be corrected, and quick thinking on what I could do to replace the sweater in less than 4 weeks before Christmas, and did I mention I was totally bawling on the drive over to my LYS? I was lucky that my LYS was able to fix that travesty for me, and I was able to give it to my SIL. THEN!!! It freaking didn’t fit her because it **##*#* shrank in the washing machine. ACRYLIC/COTTON SHRANK!! 

So, now I am trying hard to do it all over in another yarn altogether. The pattern is burned in my brain.. but I lost my mojo on it.. and I just don’t want to finish it. I am at the lace section once more. The sleeves are done. I am doing it all in 1 piece up to the arms so that I don’t have to sew it together.. I made it longer on the bottom.. and I still can’t find the mojo to get it done. I want to do it just so it is off my plate. What is a girl to do in a situation like this? I knit because I enjoy it. I want to enjoy it. It relaxes my 225 MPH ADD brain..How does one go about getting their mojo back in a situation like this?

I say all of this to tell you that once you start a lace project, rip it out 9 times, just to do it right..you find that you like lace.. LOL.. You learn that you don’t do a YO if you can’t decrease on the same row.. A friend/colleague taught me that.. 🙂 My LYS taught me about lifelines and counting stitches in a lace repeat. I learned SO much making that sweater..through the tears, frustration, pure joy when she opened the box.. it was all worth it in the end.

My next newbie obsession will be doing color work or socks..maybe more lace, possibly a shawl..LOLOL!!. I have managed to build up quite the stash, both in yarn and how to books on the subjects. I have several books on Fair Isle, a couple of DVDs about Fair Isle, even a Knit Picks kit in my closet.. but I can’t get the nerve up to give it a shot.. There just isn’t enough time in my 2012 year. I really want to explore this type of knitting as I find those sweaters to be the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen. I have purchased them in the past, wore them slap out, and wish then that I knew how to repair them so that I could continue wearing them. I tend to wear the elbows out way before the rest of the sweater bites the dust. 

I want to do socks..different types of lace projects.. I have a shawl project on one set of needles. LOTS of saved patterns, too! 

I hope that someone enjoys my long diatribe today! I also hope to find time to do more blogging.. 

By the way.. would anyone happen to know where I can find some more time? I am willing to pay premium prices for it. 🙂